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The photos from the concerts...

Porta Coeli
International Organ Duo

Lucie Guerra Žáková & Carlos Arturo Guerra Parra play at the

International Organ Festival of Zdeněk Pololáník

in PORTA COELI near of Tišnov


5th of October 2014


Photos: Michal Beneš



Interview with Gustavo Monge
for Dos Mundos

The Interview of FANDANGAS with Gustavo Monge from agency EFE.


Read more: here

19th of October 2014, Prague


Photos: Jan Drahokoupil

Musical Tour
with Charles Burney
in Europe

Photos from the Concert in octobre 2014 in Conservatory of Deyl in Prague 1.


Musical-literary performance for harpsichord for four hands with reading from "An eighteenth-century musical tour in Central Europe and the Netherlands" by Charles Burney.


Harpsichord for four hands:

Lucie Guerra Žáková & Petra Žďárská

Jana Trojanová


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